Aikido Dojo Turku

Takemusu Aiki Tomita Academy

Beginners’ course for adults, from age 15, starts on 11 February 2019 at 19.30.

Liikuntakeskus Alfa
2nd floor, Dojo No. 2
Raunistulantie 15 C
FI-20300 Turku, FINLAND

Suitable training equipment includes a white Aikido Gi or a T-shirt and sweatpants. Please remove all jewelry prior to training.

The beginners’ course lasts for c. 3 months. You may participate in up to two training sessions free of charge.

The parts of the beginners’ course fee are:
1. beginners’ course fee: 60 €
2. a) the Alfa wristband for persons aged 20 years and over 28 €, incl. 10 visits
2. b) the Alfa wristband for persons under 20 years of age 8 €
3. license

At the first training, we will be at the Alfa gate and let you in at 19.15-19.30.

The course instructor is Lasse Korpinen, 4. dan.


Request more info from Hannu-Pekka Peräntie:

050-374 1920